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Fly wire

Standard fly wire is not designed for high use areas it is only recommended for low use areas, it can get holes in it quite easily and is not recommended if you have animals or small children.


One way mesh/privacy mesh

One way mesh is great for people who like that extra privacy, it is designed to RESTRICT vision from out side of the door one way mesh is NOT a 100% block out and works better in different situations ie how much light you have behind the screen door, if you have lights on behind the door you will often be able to see through it especially at night, also if there is a door or window behind the door this will often make the one way mesh not as effective. light colours mesh often work better as well because the light reflects better.


Paw Proof mesh / Pet Mesh

Paw proof mesh mesh is exactly what is in the name, it is designed to be paw proof so dogs and cats can scratch at it and not put a hole in it or leave scratch makes on it, this mesh is also great for high traffic areas, it is made from fibre glass which makes it soft to touch but retractable and stretchable paw proof is around 19 times stronger than standard fly wire.

AluScreen Plus
Aluscreen is a heavy duty aluminium type fly wire which is similar to paw proof except its made of aluminium, its great for high use areas and pet friendly, it is also highly see through not compromising on the view out or in.